Weather maps, information about METAR maps

The METAR map is generated from publicly available data from several weather stations. Usually weather stations linked to airports.

Maps are made available on an as-is basis with no warranty.

The script for this was originally created by Roger Burton West.
Coastline data is from the Coastline Extractor developed by Rich Signell of the U.S. Geological Survey / Geologic Division / Coastal and Marine Program / Woods Hole Field Center.
Airport location data from Robin's aviation simulator data homepage.
Extra location data from weather quality reporter where I could find those very hard to trace oil platforms indirectly.
METAR data for the Netherlands is fetched from KNMI weer luchtvaartwaarnemingen METAR.
Other METAR data is fetched from the US national weather service internet weather source.

At this moment, the maps are generated every hour. For each airport (or other weather station with metar data) in the area metar data is fetched and temperature, windspeed, winddirection (including any variation), cloud type(s) and weather type(s) are used to draw the map. Temperature is mapped to background colours.

Do you see a fault in the map? Let me know as soon as possible!

Weather maps for the Netherlands
Weather maps for Denmark
Weather maps Northsea area
Latest METAR weather map for the Netherlands
Explanation METAR weather map
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Maps are made available on an as-is basis with no warranty.

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